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United In Rave: Jakka B

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Salisbury where I live is a small city but it has a very large rave scene and we are fortunate enough to have two nightclubs that also welcome rave music with welcome arms.

I run Raveolution which has been a part of the Salisbury rave scene since 2009. In that time I have always wanted to run a multi-genre night making use of several rooms with another local promoter. After a lot of talk, ideas put around the table and some meeting’s with the local clubs, Raveolution has been able to team up with long standing local DnB brand Livewire UK to bring you the very first “United In Rave” event.

We have secured the Chapel Nightclub (the cities largest club) from 9pm-3am and then the Musicbox, which has become Raveolution’s home the last few years from 3am-6am.

Neither brand has held back in bringing those names at the top of their game in their respective genre’s. For the Hardcore we have none other than the world’s number 1 Hardcore DJ, Gammer, there is no question at the energy he brings to a night and that wouldn’t be completed without his partner in crime the famous MC Whizzkid who is a firm favourite with the Salisbury crowd!

Alongside them we have two producers who continue to amaze with their new music, Fracus & Darwin and the relentless duo Outforce & Mc Enemy. We are also pleased to welcome down the exciting acts Mizel & Wilson and Fat Steve & Dave Castellano all of which bring their unique sound to a night! Oh and me as well

On the MC front aside from the headliners we have some very talented names in there, Shutts, 3man, Mono all of which are gaining nationwide attention, as well as local talents Wingman & Bugsy who is getting his first shot on a main stage.

Livewire UK & Pressure front have put together an equally big line up on the DnB from work Jump up heavy weight Majistrate bringing the filth alongside legendary producer Modified Motion.

No DnB line up would be complete without the names of MC’s Eksman & Shabba who always get a great response at the Livewire nights!

Back to the Hardcore, after the chapel event we go over to the Musicbox which is across the road and has a 6am licence. Again with one room DnB and the other Hardcore; we have Miss Special K bringing her unique sound as well as newly formed duo Clowny & Reminisce, both of which I have been a fan of as individual artists so it’s great to see them team up! Finally but by no means least we close the night with a Raveo residents showcase from Live, Ben EDM & 4-DB with MC Wingman!

I really can’t wait for this, if you’re interested in grabbing some tickets you can below, the early bird tickets have sold out but standard are available for £12.

Hopefully see you there….

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