Having now become one of the most sought after new artists in a scene that is definitely firing on all cylinders right now for delivering wholesome, interesting and game changing talent, the multi-skilled and fully gifted MC Shutts has worked tirelessly to carve a niche in the UK’s currently explosive hardcore movement, seeing Shutts develop and grow from humble beginnings just a few years ago to the quick lyric dropping, game changing member of the now infamous main stage break through act ‘Demo Sessions’ such as he is today.

No stranger to creating and carefully crafting a fully stocked set of lyrics that captivate and energize a crowd whilst, at the same time doing that all important job of keeping DJ and dancefloor well connected, Shutts has worked with a number of now very noteworthy artists such as Alex Prospect and brands such as ‘The Future Of Hardcore’ on demo tapes before pushing through to stage bookings with promoters that have also spent much time gathering a reputation for rave greatness.

He was the co-founder (alongside MC 3Man) of the now infamous rave brand and event series ‘Adrenaline Stompers’ and the smash hit ‘Dusk ‘til Dawn Festival’ which are both still going strong to this very day at their native venue Club Ice in Westbury; before moving away from promoting in 2013 to focus more on stage performance as an artist and MC. This would be a choice that would lead to being voted as one of the Top 10 up and coming artists by the ravers in Hardcore Heaven’s 2013 survey, coming second place in blockbusting industry leader HTID’s DJ & MC Competition in 2013, winning the 2013 ‘Raver’s Got Talent’ competition and then furthermore winning the very widely respected ‘Fantasy Island’ MC Competition in 2014.

This sort of dedication to his craft, unrivalled professionalism, commitment to hardcore music and respect for his fellow DJ’s and MC’s would later see him compile a profile that includes repeat bookings for local events such as ‘Raveolution’, ‘NTWICH’, ‘Hardcore Resurrection’, ‘Rave Unity’, ‘Powercore’ and ‘Adrenaline Stompers’ amongst others and respected industry titans as HTID, Hardcore Heaven, Ravers Reunited, Bionic and Dreamscape.

Presently Shutts can also be found as part of the ever growing main stage breakthrough sensation ‘Demo Sessions Live’, whereby he joins such esteemed DJ’s Clarkey, Jekyll, Jakka-B, and MC’s Leggett, Mono and Fluid on tour providing an electric ‘live’ experience and taking UK raves by storm which, has been off the back of the success of their smash hit free digital download mix album series of the same name.

With a powerful stage presence, electrifying lyrics and a passion for hosting the stage like no other, Shutts has in every way delivered on the promise to be the best original MC that he can be, and continues to deliver on said promise, week in, week out, on every stage he touches down on.