International bill topping, award winning and main stage hosting MC Enemy is a tour de force of white hot talent. From his earliest days as a passionate follower of the rave generation and as one of its biggest fans, Enemy’s journey began by attending many of the very events that he now headlines for; and was always known for his huge support of an underground electronic music movement that he has successfully crossed over into being a main stay part of as an artist.

Currently powering towards celebrating his tenth year as an MC, Enemy gained notoriety in 2006 when he would appear at a number of events pushing an edgier, sharper, more lyrical flow to his work that carried a flush of originality and packed a punch.

As a lyricist, Enemy’s rhyme work would often be and still very much is observations, reflections, stories of his own, but told with a raw and unforgiving honesty that is refreshing to an audience. Quite simply he attained his very stage namesake ‘Enemy’ by telling it as it is and calling things as he sees them, but doing so in a moving and powerful way that won him credibility with the DJ’s and fans he would ultimately drop rhymes for against a backdrop of energetic, pulse pounding beats of a euphoric nature.

During his career as a recording artist, label manager and stage performer, Enemy’s work rate has been incredible, having released an abundance of best selling singles across a number of labels that include Universal Music, Virgin Records, All Around The World, New State Music, Hardcore Underground, the award winning Lethal Theory Records, the Re-Con and Squad-E owned and operated Twista Records, Hixxy’s mighty Raverbaby Records, Technikore’s Supersonik, Keyes Go Tell Yo Momma label, Justice Hardcore and of course, his very own Anuva Level which he runs with friend, collaborator and production partner MOB.
A man of many talents, both MOB & Enemy’s house music inspired alter egos Front Runners also saw additional praise and support from the likes of official international DJ Mag Top 100 DJ poll winner Hardwell and World class DJ and producer Ferry Corsten, who signed material of theirs scoring them a Beatport Top 20 hit single.

Such work has ensured Enemy’s place in album infamy with much of his work appearing not only on leading labels, but also forming part of chart topping, TV and Radio advertised, store distributed CD album compilations such as ‘Hardcore Adrenaline 3’, ‘Hardcore Nation 2009’, ‘Hardcore Addiction’ (Volumes 2 & 3), ‘Hardcore ‘TIl I Die’ (Volumes 2 & 3), ‘Bounce Nation 2’, ‘Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness’, ‘Lethal Theory: The Classics’, ‘The GTYM Album’ and most recently his very own ‘Album Sessions 4: The History’.

Enemy was also responsible for many digital download and limited edition signed CD mix series of his own. He teamed with on stage MC’ing partner Static on the successful SE1 series of mixes known as ‘Bar Wars’ volumes 1 and 2 which garnered praise in the thousands and is due for a third volume very soon, as was the incredible free download series ‘Album Sessions’, of which the first three volumes alongside incredible production partner MOB saw them produce the fourth volume as a fully licensed three CD album collection; which fully covered and celebrated the series success in a package bundle that covered all the best highlights of the series and included a brand new mix and individual DJ friendly tracks.

As a result of all of this continued hard work inevitably his work in the studio has helped only underscore a decade long of run of gigs upon main stages Worldwide, from residencies and or continued bookings with such promoting powerhouses as ‘HTID’, ‘Hardcore Heaven’, ‘Ravers Reunited’, ‘Go Tell Yo Momma’, ‘Fusion’, and many others, he has quite literally performed for every event brand there is, not to mention travelled the World doing so including such cities as Phoenix, Los Angeles and New York and in countries such as the USA, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam and right across Europe on a very long list of accomplished gigs for well known event managers.

As part of this success he also toured three times in a row as the host of the ‘Dance Nation’ tour for Ministry Of Sound, which was a live version of their chart smashing CD album series that saw him working with artists such as Basshunter, Fragma, Sash, Angel City and September.

Enemy is also a multi award winner, claiming a well justified and well deserved three awards for three consecutive years for ‘Best Record Label’ at the Hardcore Heaven Awards and also the prestigious ‘Best Breakthrough MC’ award back in 2008.

Presently, Enemy is enjoying the current success of ‘Album Sessions 4: The History’ whilst preparing to release the very long awaited fourth volume of ‘Bar Wars’ whilst teaming with Static on stage for the equally awaited return of their on stage act ‘SE1’, set to tour venues the World over.

Additionally Enemy is also currently working on his ’10 Years’ album project for commercial release which highlights a decade of relentless hard work writing, producing and performing on the World stage. This is a testament, to his investment of talent, creativity, energy and originality, which has kept him as one of the best and brightest artists in the scene today, a powerhouse of bar dropping, rhyme writing skill, presently unmatched in any other area of a scene that he has loved and supported in every way possible. Here’s to the next 10 Years!