Jakka B

Jakka B


Underground electronic music DJ and Producer Jakka B is most certainly (in the metaphorical sense of course) on fire right now. In just seven years, he’s taken a more than glowing interest in mixing and matching beats and turned them into an illustrious career that has seen him play big stages UK wide at some of the UK hardcore scene’s biggest and best events and produce innovative and inspirational music and deliver it to the masses with a fantastic reception.

Having started out by simply buying an old set of Gemini belt drive turntables and mixer off of his friend for the princely sum of £40 (and the small selection of drum and bass 12” records that came with them) Jakka would have no idea at this point in time, just how far his hobby would take him. Relentlessly practicing mixes first in drum and bass, then later with the sounds of the vocal anthem led UK hardcore scene, Jakka’s hobby became a passion and his passion then a vision – to play on as many stages as would have him and moreover, to bring smiles to the faces of the masses that enjoyed that upbeat, turbo charged UK hardcore sound that he had come to love so much himself.

This is a dream that has since been realised, seeing Jakka bringing his high energy style of mixing, chopping, cutting, rapid track selection and a super fast ability to pick up on what a crowd really wants to many a rammed venue and pleased promoter alike.

In the past seven years of Jakka’s rise and rise, Jakka’s also had the honour of playing for huge event organising titans such as Hardcore ‘Til I Die, HTID in the Sun, Hardcore Heaven, We Are Hardcore & Bionic amongst many others, whilst maintaining the official Raveolution Podcast which has become hugely popular of late, providing Jakka-B an opportunity to present fresh and brand new productions from both himself and other producers from across the full spectrum of the genre to a growing base of fans and supporters.

As a producer, Jakka has enjoyed growing success with his work with seasoned producers such as scene legend Mark Breeze, Kurt and Alex Prospect and some of the UK’s most promising break through artists such as Technical Difficulties, Mizel & Wilson, Macks Wolf, Clowny and Clarkey collaborating on singles that have seen releases on such respected labels as Futureworld, Lethal Theory, Core Fever, Justice Hardcore and Scarred Digital amongst others.

The grand result of such focused creative output has since seen Jakka singed to Mark Breeze's Futureworld records and Chris Fear's Core Fever label where he has been able to rack up an impressive list of digital chart positions as well his work being signed to best selling CD compilation albums of the genre, Hardcore Underground.

Continuing to bring this fire, passion, drive and creative focus to every track he writes, sound he creates and set he plays; there are opportunities abound for this imaginative and devoted artist in the coming months. With further productions hitting digital stores soon, further album licenses on the table and bookings with some of rave music’s mightiest titans providing him with further chances to execute his style of explosive sets that are now famous for big drops, mash-ups, bootlegs, original bangers, vocal slammers and filthy basslines; Jakka-B’s tour de force through rave land’s ranks is getting bigger, better and louder with every exceptional set he plays.

Get ready to join the Raveolution!