As an artist, underground electronic music producer and main stage DJ, Outforce is very swiftly becoming one of the most promising acts to emerge out of the rave scene to date. As part of an ever growing emergence of impressive, well-practised and exciting new artists, Outforce has become quite simply one of the hottest current acts out there from the new breed of electronic artists.

Hailing from Scotland, Outforce’s introduction to the scene was through being a huge fan of the massively successful ‘Bonkers’ album series. This would inspire him to learn about production by teaching himself his way around Acid Pro, followed by mastering the craft of mixing the very tunes he was making (as well of course as learning to mix the music of his peers) upon a set of decks and a mixer. Relentlessly honing his skills as both DJ and producer, his consistent investment of time and energy into his craft meant that when he was of age, playing out at gigs across Glasgow and then from there further south would soon follow.

His bass driven, high energy producing, coupled with a flair for sharp, tight, pulse pounding and peak time worthy live sets would soon see Outforce gain notoriety with fans of the genre, other artists and key promoters across the underground scene, including that of scene legend Hixxy, who famously put a call out for recommendations for new artists that fans wanted to see appear at their annual tour to Spain (the aptly titled and brilliant ‘HTID In The Sun’) that resulted in high scores of fans voting for Outforce to appear from all over the UK.

This sort of exposure would see him make the leap from back room to big room and a rather impressive list of gigs that would make him one of the most sought after artists in the scene today. Blazing a trail across the main stages of some of the UK’s biggest promotions including the likes of ‘HTID’, ‘Uproar’, ‘GTYM’, ‘Ravers Reunited’, ‘The Only Way Is Hardcore’, ‘Fusion’, ‘HTID In The Sun’, ‘Fantasyland’ and many, many more. These would see him touring all over his native Scotland, right across the United Kingdom, Ibiza, Spain, Amsterdam and playing a sold out arena in the USA.

This of course, is just the beginning. A promising and exciting start to a career that is set to fly swiftly into the stratosphere in a relatively short amount of time and largely due to the amount of talent he currently possesses that has made him one of the most sought after artists of the current generation of future hardcore heroes.