Al Storm

Al Storm


If one was to delve deeply into rave culture, its history, its movements, its birth, development and global success, behind some of its key high points and glorious moments of noteworthy achievement would be the prolific producer and DJ Al Storm. Impacting a culture that continues to thrive nearly three decades after its first inception, Al’s contribution to the rave movement on the whole has been hugely significant to its continuing success. Standing proudly alongside such heroes as Hixxy, Bananaman, Scott Brown, Brisk, Sharkey and many others who were influential in UK hardcore music and the rave scene’s upbringing and still standing tall and proud to this day - despite many willing and able contenders stepping up to the plate; Al’s versatility as a creative entity to adapt to, evolve with and outright invent new trends in electronic music right across the board, remains unchallenged and in many ways unmatched.

With an early production slate that included work with such visionaries as Vinylgroover, Force & Styles, Seduction, the DJ Storm as he was then known started to build an indestructible relationship with some of the scene’s most prominent labels. Having worked hard to evolve his sound to not only consistently match current trends, but in fact make the trends themselves, Al’s work as a producer via his own record company 24/7 Hardcore (alongside the excellent Warped Science Recordings) has seen him maintain a constant output the volume of which is only shared by a select few labels in the business today such as Scott Brown’s Evolution Records and only previously matched by Sy & Unknown’s Quosh Records in previous years.

One thing is true though; with a remix & production bio that includes The Prodigy, Dizzee Rascal, Divine Inspiration, Liquid,  Matt Darey, Fedde Le Grand, DJ Rap, Serial Killaz,  Slipmatt/SL2 & Cascada, alongside rave scene stalwarts Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer, Hixxy, DJ Seduction, Re-Con (and many, many more)  Al's accomplished, experienced, detailed sound continues to put him at the forefront of whatever he's involved in.

From seeing commercial success from his featured work upon chart smashing, record breaking, television advertised CD compilation albums such as All Around The World and UMTV’s hugely successful ‘Clubland’ series, to being a key contributor to React’s globally successful underground rave collection ‘Bonkers’ and from there to mixing entire CD albums for celebrated and dedicated scene pioneers ‘Hardcore Underground’ (to name but a few), Al’s incredible work has seen him compile and mix over 20 albums, with his chart climbing single releases in the literal hundreds. Al has also had the great honour of supplying music for the BBC as part of their World Cup Semi Final footage, as well as having his high energy material licensed to scores of fitness and body combat DVD’s seamlessly suiting the style of workouts required for the format.

This is all of course, part of a plethora of talented alter egos, as both producer and DJ, as Al can also be seen making waves and breaking boundaries in other genres such as breaks, drum & bass, bounce and electro under the banner of a variant of inventive stage names such as ‘Eat Rave’, ‘Black & White’ and ‘Deadman’. His ‘Deadman’ alias in particular has since seen Al having material released on some of the most successful labels of the drum & bass genre such as that of Technique Recordings, Serial Killaz, Propa talent, Sub Slayers & Passenger Records.

Such an established production CV and structured career path, has naturally led Al to become an equally incredible live stage performer. As a technically impressive, energetic and hugely entertaining live artist, Al has had many opportunities to perform his work on the World stage as a headlining billboard artist.

With worldwide headline performances, including Australia, America, Russia & Japan, alongside European locations such as Hungary, Poland, Germany, Holland, Spain and of course for every major player from coast to coast in his native United Kingdom, Al has worked intensely and intently at becoming the international performer he is today working closely and continuously with brands such as HTID, Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, Uproar, Fantazia, Raindance, United Dance and many other event management titans of the genre to such a degree he has been nominated for many awards including the coveted ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ at hallowed industry celebration ‘Hardcore Heaven Awards’.
From challenging new techniques to championing styles, the breaking boundaries and the testing of what is possible, to intensely focussing on mastering a plethora of skills across broadened horizons that allow him to elaborately and explosively deliver on every level as producer, DJ and Main Stage artist; Al Storm’s legacy continues to be written and two decades on, is stronger and tougher than it has ever been, always innovating and never imitating, the storm continues to rage on and it is magnificent.